Who is Techknow

Techknow designs and manufactures Drive-Thru Order Confirmation Systems (OCS), Drive-Thru Timer systems, and a suite of analytics software packages designed to improve operational performance in the quick service restaurant (QSR) industry.

Our Mission

It is the priority of Techknow Incorporated to improve the communications between our clients and their customers. Techknow’s purpose is to provide quality products and impeccable services that enhance millions of personal experiences, one at a time. Our strategy is to listen better, innovate further, and implement faster than the competition.

McDonald’s Leaderboard

Techknow’s Leaderboard has refined the drive-thru and has turned Big Data into Big Fun by allowing all restaurants within a time zone to compete on up to 20 different elements. The variables being tracked might include; average drive-thru times, highest sales, total number of cars, window times, average check, etc. The Leaderboard comes with a microcomputer, LCD display, and all of the necessary cables and mounts. The system compliments Techknow’s timer and does require internet access.


  • Competition has proven to reduce total drive-thru times by as much as 51% per hour
  • Drive-thru competitions in real time
  • Great tool to motivate the crew and creates a fun, competitive environment
  • Unlimited number of stores can compete in real time
  • Encourages better teamwork among employees and managers
  • Competitions can be ranked on up to 20 different variables

Techknow conducted a pilot in five Houston locations and two McCopCo stories in Chicago. We ran a competition in February. The stores saw total drive thru time reductions from 10% – 51% per hour.

Techknow Timer System

Wired & Wireless


  • Return on investment of six months or less (measured by McDonald’s Business Insights Team)
  • Displays action items to inform crew of corrective measures which will improve operational performance
  • Enhances customer satisfaction through improved drive-thru times
  • Excellent management tool
  • Deters theft through itemized statistics
  • Detailed store reports as well as local reporting tool
  • Animated visual display highlighting drive-thru progress and bottlenecks
  • A creative tool to develop crew and store competitions

Techknow Timer System

Timer System Features:

  • Automated drive-thru displaying vehicle progress
  • Time parameters are color coded to illustrate drive-thru performance
  • Clear, concise and simple graphics
  • Easy-to-customize color coding variables by day part
  • Critical information is available at a glance and can highlight roadblocks to performance
  • Adaptable to fit any screen size
  • Simplified, user-friendly software interface
  • Easily set service goals that can be defined and measured by hour
  • Time can be displayed in minutes or seconds
  • Easily adaptable to most standard loop configurations
  • Automated enterprise reporting
  • Constant real time performance detail and reporting
  • Adaptable for multiple display screens
  • Includes a preview loop option to assist in pre-rush planning
  • Includes options for monitoring Pull Forward (Wired Timer)
  • Options for monitoring Pull Forward or Mobile Parking  positions (Wireless Timer)

Timer Screen Features

  1. Displays average time for the last 5 cars at those locations
  2. Individual animated cars proceed throughout the drive-thru with color coding indicating time in queue
  3. Order Point 1 & 2 Last 5 Car Average
  4. Average Time displayed for Pull Forward or Mobile Parking
  5. Indicated a vehicle has driven off without completing the drive-thru circuit
  6. Shows percentage of defined goal met
  7. Displays action items to inform the crew of corrective measures to improve operational performance
  8. Displays time the current vehicle has been/in queue, changes color based on goals
  9. Color indicates total time relative to Goal Average is for current hour

Upgrade to the Wireless Timer

  • No standard cost. Use existing induction loops at order points and wireless at all other vehicle detection points.
  • Options to measure Pull Forward, and Preview positions
  • Measure Mobile Park positions
  • Up to 50 vehicle detection point per restaurant
  • 900 MHz frequency band minimizes interference and maximizes wireless coverage.
    2.46 Hz frequency band is used internationally.
  • Minimizes maintenance related to saw cuts
  • Wireless is more aesthetically pleasing and less invasive to the driveway
  • Batteries are good size to ten years

Drive-Thru Statistical Reporting Software

In the quick service industry, time can cost you money and result in a loss of business. Using a computer, in the store or remotely, you can retrieve statistics collected by your system.

These statistics can help you:

  • Increase speed of service and enhance customer satisfaction
  • Set sales and drive-thru goals
  • Deter employee theft
  • Identify and reward productive employees
  • Improve your drive-thru operations